Experts in Renewable Energy and Nordic ESG and Impact Investing

AVG Group Sarl is an asset manager consisting of a group of highly experienced industry professionals. You can count on our team's knowledge for sound advice in relation to investing in the Nordics.

Meet Our Team

Investment Committee

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Endre Grønmyr Chief Investment Officer

Endre has 20 years of international experience within investment, private equity and banking industries, and has advised large institutions at a global escale.

Karl Andersen

Karl Andersen Managing Director

Karl has been a strategic advisor to Norwegian Companies for +5 years focusing on technology advisory, capital structuring, Business Development, PR and marketing.

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Ole Vidar Homleid Head of Renewables

Ole Vidar has 25 years experience in developing, engineering and acting as project controller globally for international renewable energy projects.

Joe Intagliata Headshot

Joseph Intagliata Chief Financial Officer

Joe is an accomplished and successful Senior Financial Officer with an extensive background of over 25 years specializing in alternative asset management.

Our Providers in Combating Climate Change

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Nordic Government Support

Innovation Norway

Provides grants and forgivable loans to investee companies. 


Co-invests equity into the companies focused on growth equity. 


Co-Invests into Fund and Companies focused on renewable energy and climate solutions.


A private equity fund established by the Norwegian Parliament that is a co-investor for renewable energy projects

Let Our Team Help You Grow

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