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Investing in Nordic ESG and Impact®

The country of Norway is a pioneer in the adaption of the Environmental, Social and Governance standards. Norway was one of the first signatories of the UN PRI (Principles in Responsible Investing). In fact, Norway has had their own ESG framework, known as HMS, for over 40 years. HMS equals Health, Security and Environment.

These policies support our own ESG underwriting systems when reviewing companies and projects for investment.

The ESG Criteria

AVG Group is a socially conscious investor. We use the Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria to determine which companies to partner with. We firmly believe in supporting firms that share our vision to make the world a better place.


When investing in companies, we look for projects that care for the environment. We look at aspects like energy use, pollution, and even the treatment of animals. Another aspect that we evaluate is how these firm can manage environmental risks.


A good business must contribute to the improvement of society. That’s why we look at how these companies manage relationships, not only with their employees but also with their suppliers, customers, and the communities to which they belong.


We work with firms that follow the best business practices. This includes having accurate and transparent accounting methods as well as mechanisms for stockholders to vote on key decisions. We also look for companies that avoid conflicts of interest and illegal activities.

Positive Change Through Impact Investment

Impact investing offers support for companies that can help create outstanding social and/or environmental improvements. Our asset management firm upholds this by funding projects that help in the fight against climate change.

AVG Group Sarl

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