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As investors, we're constantly looking for new and profitable opportunities. For most of our history, we viewed the Earth as an infinite resource, but our world is changing: unique ecosystems on every continent are being pushed to the brink of collapse, and global warming is altering our planet in ways we are only just beginning to understand.

Building a global green economy and a more sustainable tomorrow is the challenge of our era – but like all great challenges, it is the catalyst for immense opportunity.

At AVG Group, we invest in companies that are trying to change the world for the better.

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AVG Investment Into Clean Hydrogen

GreenStat AS Brings In New Strategic Investors; AVG Group Sarl

July 23, 2021

GreenStat AS (“GreenStat”), a green power producer in Norway, has taken an undisclosed investment from AVG Group Sarl (AVG). The two companies have entered into a strategic relationship in order to expand GreenStat’s reach into the US and global markets and for AVG, priority deal flow in renewable energy projects. GreenStat, as the name suggests, is…


AVG Group Sarl Invests In Biogas Coal Solution from Norway; Arbaflame AS

July 9, 2021

AVG Group Sarl (AVG) has invested $2,900,000 USD (25,000,000 NOK) (the “Investment”) into Arbaflame AS (“Arbaflame”). Arbaflame has created a unique biogas pellet that can supplement or replace coal in boilers and power plants. The Arbaflame pellet allows coal operators to utilize existing operations to continue power production and to keep employees working at the…

Solar and wind energy farm

AVG Group Sarl Makes Strategic Investment in Norhybrid and Establishes US Feeder Fund

June 1, 2021

AVG Group Sarl (AVG) has invested $2,000,000 USD (17,000,000 NOK) into Norhybrid, a Norwegian producer of modular wind turbines capable of complementing existing solar infrastructure or a replacement solution. AVG’s investment will be supported by SIVA, a division of the Norwegian Government, who will contribute an additional $1,000,000 in grants to Norhybrid. Norhybrid was founded by Ole Vidar Homleid. Ole Vidar…

AVG Group Sarl Takes Strategic Investment in Alternus Energy Group PLC

AVG Group Sarl Takes Strategic Investment in Alternus Energy Group PLC

April 19, 2021

The Nordics continue to make a significant push into the renewable energy market and diversify away from their oil and gas history. AVG Group Sarl (AVG) a Luxembourg based asset manager, with a strategic focus in Nordic ESG and Impact investments has closed an approximate NOK 80,000,000 investment into Alternus Energy Group PLC (Alternus). “We…

AVG Group Sarl Launches With First Investments In Norsk Solar AS

AVG Group Sarl Launches With First Investments In Norsk Solar AS

April 16, 2021

With a need for capital to support green investments in the Nordics, Luxembourg based AVG has brought the lead round of capital for Norsk Solar (25,000,000 NOK), supported with two Nordic based development financial institutions (DFIs) to be announced later this month. Norway’s supply of new innovation in green technologies and infrastructure has been growing rapidly over the…


Nordic ESG and Impact® Fund SCSp Launches!

April 2, 2021

AV Group Sarl (AVG) is a Luxembourg based asset manager with offices in New York, Oslo and Luxembourg. AVG has launched the Nordic ESG and Impact Fund SCSp (the Fund) which focuses on investing in climate technology and climate infrastructure. AVG has successfully obtained its anchor investors from Japanese based institutions that are focused on an ESG and Impact mandate. The…